Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Birth of The Telegraph

Mr. Terry Gogan, Chairman of the Templeogue Youth Club Committee wrote in 1969:

IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE that I write these few words for this, the first issue of the "Templeogue Telegraph".

We have been looking for some time past for some of our members to be responsible for editing and producing a community news bulletin, and I would like to thank Joe Fortune and Jacinta Devlin for coming forward and wish them every success with this project and of course this goes also for the team whom they have gathered to aid them in this venture.

This team spirit is one of the important aspects that we are trying to develop in the youngsters who are members of the T.Y.C., and even though the history of the club is really quite short, there have been a number of very encouraging signs, mainly from the younger people of the area.  At this point I must put in a plea to interested adults to come forward and help us out with both their suggestions and some practical help.  We have not been successful in finding anybody to build or rent a suitable premises for the club, and we have having tried all sources - it may be that you adult people out there can help in this.

We are at present using the church Committee Room once a week by kind permission of the Parish Priest.  This is neither ideal nor even suitable in order to give the members that sense of responsibility and of belonging that is so necessary.

I mentioned team spirit earlier on - this also means Community spirit, in developing which we will be greatly aided through the "Templeogue Telegraph", as we hope to call our community news bulletin.  We appeal to associations, clubs and societies in the area to keep the Editor well informed about their projects and activities, so that we will be able to inform each and every person about what is happening, where it's happening and how they can join in.

There are a number of important other projects that I want to put before you for your consideration. Anyone who thinks they have other good ideas should let us know. Without your support nothing will be done.   The projects are:

Firstly to continue our efforts to form a Community Council.  We have already made a start on this.
Secondly to improve and develop the open spaces in the area, so that they may be both decorative and useful.

What other improvements can you suggest?   Let us not be a community in name only.  Let's become a community of ACTION!  Let's all develop team spirit!

(Above is a lightly edited version from THE TEMPLEOGUF TELEGRAPH, Voi. 1. NO. 1, 16th November 1969.  Sadly Terry died some years after the TYC was established.)